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Why is cold pressed juice good for you?

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Why is cold pressed juice good for youHave you ever heard about cold pressed juice? It is actually the result of extracting juice either from vegetables or fruits using a hydraulic press. Why is cold pressed juice good for you? Well, people have many reasons when it comes to discussing the benefits of such method. Thanks to the inexistence of pasteurization, you can keep or store the juices in the fridge longer than regular juiced fruits or veggies. Approximately, the drinks can last up to 5 days or even a week! The durability depends on numerous factors including the level of acidity of the juices, actually.

The Popularity of Cold Pressed Juices

Due to its popularity and durability, cold pressed juices are considered pricier than the regular ones. Not only they can last longer if kept in the fridge, but they are also made from pure vegetables and fruits without the additions of other ingredients. No wonder, they are healthier as well. A single bottle of the product may cost around $9-$13, in fact! Despite the price, the cold-pressed juices still have many other benefits. As mentioned before, it provides more good stuff or nutrients like enzymes and vitamins.

Unlike using commercial juicers, most of the nutrients remain so you can get the best of it. Once again, thanks to the pasteurization process as it helps to keep away bacteria during packaging. On the other hand, regular juicing result to oxidation and stimulate the growth of bacteria soon. The next benefit is that you can get more juice or extract from the ingredients. Even experts have approved that using a cold-pressed juicer produces more juice than using a commercial juicer.

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Reap All the Benefits!

Now it is time to talk about the benefits of drinking cold pressed juices. Apart from the durability of the drink, you can take more advantages of it. In a nutshell, drinking cold-pressed juices is indeed fresh and tasty. Such juicing method produces brings a fresher taste of the vegetables and fruits, in fact. The next benefit is that you are able to increase your intake of healthy fruits or veggies. The fact is that a glass of cold-pressed juice can satisfy one’s daily need of organic foods. Not to mention it provides an instant improvement of energy!

What is next? Drinking a cold-pressed juice helps the body to balance pH levels and prevent any possible issues that can occur. That means the juices may lower the pH levels when they become too acidic. Next, it is related to the good bacteria. Thanks to the good amount of nutrients in the cold-pressed juices. Those facilitate good bacteria to improve one’s health and eradicate the bad ones. As the result, the body gets better immunity as the time goes by, which explains why cold pressed juice is good for you.

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