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Which is the best juicer?

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Best slow juicer hurom hu700As the name suggests, a juicer works by extracting the juice from either fruits or vegetables. Unlike blending, it throws away fibers and pulps and provides only the nutritious juice. Which is the best juicer? Well, this question is a little bit confusing. The reason is that many brands can be found in the market and it is difficult to compare them all and find the best one among them. Not to mention people have different opinions regarding the best features of a juicer. A particular product is the best for someone, but it is nothing to others.

Considering These Options First

The oldest type of a juicer is called a hand crank. In a nutshell, it is a manual juicer that requires human’s power to operate. Which is the best juicer? Is this the one? Well, it can be when it comes to considering the economic aspect. It is because users do not even require electricity when making juice. Also, manual juicers are easy to clean and maintain due to lacking electric components. One thing, it might cost much energy if you decide to make more juices.

Which is the best juicer? Apart from manual juicers, you have other options like centrifugal juicers. Perhaps it is the most popular one among customers. No wonder, you can find many of them in the stores. What makes it popular, though? It is the cheapest among any electric juicers. They work by spinning the cutting blades and chop the ingredients in a high speed. What about the downfall? The most significant one is related to the oxidation that might reduce the number of nutrients of the ingredients when operating.

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The next option is called slow or masticating juicers. Unlike centrifugal juicers, it operates slowly but efficient. The auger is the key of juicing and it might crunch the ingredients in order to extract the juices. Which is the best juicer? Is the slow juicer the one? It is hard to say as it may take much time to produce juices. Moreover, the price is a little bit expensive than centrifugal juicers. However, it is able to avoid oxidation as it doesn’t produce heat when operated.  What do you think?

Triturating or twin gear juicers are the other options. Which is the best juicer? Is this it? Before making a decision, all of you should know how it works. Some customers say it is the best among others due to its thorough juicing process. Not to mention it works in a slow pace and prevent oxidation. In terms of functionality, it is better than both centrifugal and matriculating juicers. The only downside is that it is way too expensive.

Just Decide Based on Your Need

So, what about you? Determining a good juicer for the kitchen requires lots of considerations, after all. Also, you must consider the budget when purchasing one. In order to avoid disappointments, customers need to conduct a small review as well. In this case, the internet becomes a big help when reviewing the options before buying. Which is the best juicer? Well, you decide based on your preferences!

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