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What vegetables are good for juicing?

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What vegetables are good for juicing

Apart from fruits, people use vegetables to make fresh and delicious juices. What vegetables are good for juicing? Like fruit juices, veggies provide numerous health benefits to everyone. Not to mention almost all vegetables are good for juicing. Though, most people would like to make green juices like celery, lettuce, collard, cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, and much more. Still, many other vegetables are popular as well including carrots, beets, sweet potato, wheatgrass, herbs, and much more. Regardless of the choices, it is important to drink them regularly especially those who want to get the best health benefits from them.

Knowing the Facts First

The choice depends on one’s fondness, so each person perhaps has a different taste regarding vegetable juices. What about the portion? According to some experts, it is good to drink 1 glass of veggie juices per day. It can be only a single type of juice or more than ones. Though, some people have recognized the benefits of getting a variety of vegetables each day for its completed nutrients. Not to mention the variety of veggies provide a unique and interesting taste! So, what is the best one?

The fact is that you can include lots of types of veggies in order to make a glass of juice. This explains why conducting an experiment is worth the try. For those who look for more vitamin A, though, they must choose good green vegetables like spinach and kale. They are good for healthy skin and sight. One thing, those have an unpleasant flavor so it is better to include other vegetables, especially lettuce in order to soften the taste. As an alternative, you can choose rhubarb as the extra due to its good taste and abundant potassium.

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It is true green vegetables are the most popular option when it comes to juicing. Is there any option? Those who look for more minerals and vitamins, vegetables with a deep color can provide these for them. It is because they contain important substances like phytochemicals and other nutrients that keep diseases away. Not only they provide good health benefits, their color is attractive and beautiful when juiced. In this case, the best option is the combination of kale, celery, and apple! Still, you have an unlimited possibility to mix them with other ingredients.

Always Choose the Best Products!

Regardless of the choice of vegetables for juicing, it is important to pay attention to the quality. It is because most vegetables (spinach, collard, kale, celery, and other greens) still contain dangerous pesticides. Therefore, it requires a thorough cleaning before processing them. On the other hand, some vegetables have lesser amounts of contaminants and are considered clean.

As stated before, the option of vegetables that are good for juicing is unlimited. You can even combine them with other veggies. Once again, you need to always be picky when it comes to shopping. As for the tip, it is recommended to choose the organic ones. Also, do not forget to wash or clean them before chopping and putting them in a juicer. For more information, you can read a thorough guide regarding vegetables juicing from any resources out there.

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