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What is the best thing to juice?

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What is the best thing to juice

Drinking juices should be any country’s culture due to its health benefits. Not only it is healthy, but it is also refreshing especially during hot weather. Here is a common question, though. What is the best thing to juice? Well, the answer can be any fruits or vegetables. It is also possible to mix them in order to get better taste and more interesting color. Despite the difference of choices, some veggies and fruits have more popularity than others. Usually, people look for both the taste and health benefits of the things they include in the juicer.

Some Recommended Options

The first common option of ingredient to be included in the juicer is the cucumber. Thanks to the good amount of vitamin K, C, and B. Not to mention people can take advantage of its potassium. What are the other benefits? According to the experts, cucumber has an abundant amount of electrolytes that help to restore the stamina. In some countries, a cucumber juice is used to cure a hangover and other common issues. However, they contain mostly water so it is better to include other vegetables like spinach in order to make a more delicious drink.

Apart from cucumber, carrots are also popular among ingredients that can be used for healthy juices. They contain numerous nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin A. These substances are indeed good to prevent cell damages. No wonder, women are into them as they want to retain their youth and skin quality. Have no worries about the taste. It is possible to include some sweet fruits like cherries in order to improve its taste. Adding apples or other fruits are also common, in fact.

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More Options Are Available

What is next popular choice? Based on the frequency, kale is included in the list of the most popular and best ingredient to make a cup of juice. Why is that? This green product contains a reliable amount of anti-inflammatory substance which is good for preventing cancer. Apart from that, it contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. Some people even drink kale juices regularly because they want to cure some diseases especially asthma. As for the mixing, you can include cucumber, pineapple, and lemon.

The next recommended choice is celery. Why is that? Tons of people have a reason which is to take advantage of its diuretic properties. It is said drinking celery juice regularly helps to eradicate unwanted chemicals and dangerous contaminants out of the body. Not to mention celery has abundant sodium so it is a great juice to drink after working out or do hard works.

Apart from those options, you can choose other types of vegetables and fruits in order to get the best drink for daily needs. Recently, people are into beets and wheat grains as well. When it comes to the best addition, lemon is considered the most popular one. Not only it provides more interesting taste, lemon contains lots of vitamin C. On top of that, it works well with any type of vegetables and fruits!

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