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What is better juicing or blending?

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Do you love drinking juices? Well, that is good. Two major appliances are commonly used when it comes to juicing, which are blenders and juicers. What is better juicing or blending? Before deciding the best one among them, it is better to know the function. A blender works mainly by blending the ingredients right away. That means you get both the juice and fibers. On the other hand, a juice extractor works only by extracting the pure juice from either fruits or vegetables. That means the machine leaves both the pulp and fibers behind.

Comparing Juicing and Blending

What is better juicing or blending? Well, it is hard to tell. The main key of juicing is to extract both nutrients and water from fruits. Those, users with digestive problems are able to absorb the nutrients easier than eating the ingredients raw. Not to mention the nutrients become more available and ready to the digestive system. The problem is that you lose the potential fibers as the machine eradicates them during the process. This is why blenders become an alternative in order to retain those healthy fibers!

Next, it is blending. In this case, you might use a blender in order to process fruits and vegetables. Unlike juicing, it does not leave pulp and fibers behind. Instead, blending keeps all parts in the container. As the result, you get healthier juices even though they are not as smooth as juices you get by juicing. Blended juices are also more filling due to the presence of fibers. This is why more people drink them in the morning to replace breakfast meal. What is better juicing or blending? It depends on your preferences.

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What is better juicing or blending? The decision depends on the users. Some of you might think juicing is better as it helps you to digest the nutrients better. Though, the others might think blending is better as it provides them with more nutrients. So, what do you think? The best thing is that you can buy them all and use them separately based on your need. As long as you are ok with the price, you can store them in the kitchen. Before that, make sure to know several rules when it comes to either blending or juicing.

Both of Them Are Useful

Even though blending and juicing help you to consume combined fruits and veggies, some experts do not recommend it. Why is that? Combining ingredients are said to affect the function of digestive enzymes. What is better juicing or blending? Both of them share the same rule regarding this matter, actually. The next rule is that you need to drink the juice right away. The reason is that juices lose more nutrients after exposed to light and air.

What is better juicing or blending? Another determining factor is the quality of the appliance. In this case, make sure to use the best product in order to get the healthiest juices. The problem is that the price is quite expensive as compared to regular juicers or blenders. What do you think?

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