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What is Better Juicing or Blending? The Comparison

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The Comparison fact - What is Better Juicing or Blending

The modern life makes people live in a simpler manner. The reason is that they become busier every day and have no time to pay attention to their health. Thus, juicing becomes popular as it is both simple and healthy! Here is the question. What is better juicing or blending? Even though they look the same, they are different in several ways in fact. Also, people keep asking which the best among the methods is. Well, both of them make an extraction of fruits and vegetables actually. So, what makes them different? According to many people, juicing is better as it has more concentrated amounts of nutrients and vitamins.


Some Differences between Them

In order to differentiate between juicing and blending, we will need to look what is left out of the procedure. When it comes to juicing, the process is to remove the entire fibrous materials. It leaves only the liquid or extraction of the fruits or vegetables. On the other hand, people almost get it all in blending including fiber and pulp. Not to mention each procedure uses a different tool, which is either a blender or juicer.

Apart from the process, the next difference between the methods is relate to the concentration of nutrient. As mentioned before, juicing provides more concentrated nutrients as it focuses only on the flesh of the fruits instead of the fiber and pulp. The fact is that the most minerals and vitamins are contained in the flesh. By removing the solid parts of the fruits or vegetables, people can get more soft-textured drinks from juicing as compared to blending. On the other hand, blending is considered rougher due to the presence of fibers and pulp of the ingredient.

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The next aspect is the amount of fiber. It is true that juicing provides lesser fiber than blending. That means blending wins in this aspect and it is more popular among those who are looking for improved digestion. Another plus point of blending is that it provides better antioxidants than juicing (approved by the experts). The reason is simple. It is because some high concentration of antioxidant is mostly found in the fibrous part of either vegetables or fruits.

In term of fullness, blending will be better. Drinking blended vegetables or fruits make you feel fuller than drinking juices. Why is that? Thanks to the presence of fiber, skin, and pulp of the ingredients as they increase the drink volume. This is why blending becomes more popular among those who want to replace unhealthy snacks with healthy drinks. This also explains why blending is also good for a fast for dieting.

What is Better Juicing or Blending - The Comparison

The Verdict

In summary, vegetables and fruits are good for health regardless how you eat them. But when it comes to choosing the best one between blending and juicing, it is hard to tell. The reason is that both of them have unique benefits and weaknesses. For those who choose to juice, though, they must pick the fresh one instead of commercial juices in the market (due to the presence of high sugar or additives).

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