Try Cooking Recipe With Goji Berries

If you love to have Goji berries in your food, you have many selections and ways by which you can have these berries in your daily diet. You  don’t need to  cook them  and  you can  enjoy as a juice or in salads and as a part of different sauces. There are many  Goji berry recipes which you can select. the most interesting recipes which has become popular in the recent times includes Pumpkin and Goi fretter  To make this great recipe you will need some fresh pumpkin, caster sugar, orange rind, self raising flour, eggs, sunflower oil which is important  for frying, and ground cinnamon for that additional taste.

As in case of most of the goji berries recipes, you need to start off by soaking these berries in water so that they are rehydrated. Next you need to chop the available pumpkin in small cubes and then discard and separate all its seeds. Now you need to boil the pumpkin to make it tender. Once you find your pumpkin to become tender, you will need to drain off any excess water in the pumpkin and mash it. Next, you need to drain the goji berries and mix it well with the pumpkin. In this mixture, you need to add orange, some egg yolks, sugar and flour. Once you have done this you need to mix all the ingredients together. Once this is done, you will have to beat the egg whites and then fold it into the pumpkin mixture. You need to heat the oil in a frying pan and then cool the mixture for ten minutes until it becomes golden brown in color. You can drain it on the kitchen and dust the entire recipe with cinnamon and add sugar. It tastes the best when it is served warm.

Another very popular and delicious recipe is Goji coconut and cream sauce. This is a very nutritious and extremely yummy sauce which can be had with any type of salad, fruits or even desert dish. If you find that your kids are not interested in having green leafy vegetables, try to serve them this yummy sauce with their favorite chicken sandwich. They are sure to love its taste – it is also one of the greatest ways by which you can ensure that you are serving them all their nutritional needs. This sauce is also made by soaking these berries in water and then blending it with generous quantities of orange zest, coconut meat, raspberries and also coconut water. You can add your own tinge by adding ginger in such a mixture. Such a rich mixture is blend, until a creamy sauce is made. If you wish to add a personal touch to it you can add cream or even chocolate to make it more delicious for your child. This sauce can be preserved for many days in the refrigerator. If you wish to make it more drinkable you can add milk or water in this sauce, so that it becomes more drinkable by being less dense.

Goji berries taste excellent when consumed in any form. Here is a great place to learn more about goji berries and the different forms in which they can be consumed.

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