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Big Brother’s diet India has myriad religious festivals for which its followers give up non-vegetarian food; at many others, meat and fish are staple servings. Many reasons dictate why Indians are vegetarian or not, and religious observance plays just one part in that …

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Vegetable-rich comfort food recipes for eating alone We love to plan and cook “event” meals – whether it’s the anticipation and excitement of trying out a new Sunday supplement recipe, taking pleasure from preparing a guaranteed crowd-pleaser (for us, it’s the Moro chicken fattee every time), or the …

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On a high meat diet? Here’s what you are missing… While the war between benefits of being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian continues, one must know the important nutrients that each of these diets offers and the other doesn’t. According to our … Fibre: Animal food is deficient in dietary fibre …

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