Finding List of Vegan Foods

Elimination of any meat or animal based and animal derived food items is the key to a vegan food diet. This diet is vegetable and fruit based and most of the dairy products are substituted with vegan food items. Before we look at a List of Vegan Foods, we should look at which specifically are the foods that are not part of a vegan diet.

– Vegan Foods involve foods other than any kind of meat or fish, as these come from killing an animal. It is the case for animal fats and gelatin as well.

– In a vegan diet, there is no use of milk, as it is an animal-derived product. This holds true for cow’s milk and also for cheese and yogurt.

– Eggs and egg-based foods are also not to be used in a vegan diet. Also, honey is not supposed to be used in vegan cooking and vegan foods.

If we come to the List of Vegan Foods, some of the food items that are at the center of a vegan diet include all grain goods and beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, and legumes. A number of recipes can be created by the combination of these basic food items and mixing in some fresh spices. There are also vegan hot dogs available right along with vegan cheese and ice cream along with vegan mayonnaise, all of which are delicious.

A List of Vegan Foods along with the nutrients these foods offer is given below:

– Nuts are important elements in the vegan diet. They offer important Omega 3 Fatty acids. The foods with the maximum quantity of these are flax seeds and walnuts and also canola oil.

– Vegetables in a vegan diet are essential for the body’s health. Some of the vegetables that are rich in Vitamin D and calcium include collard greens and also broccoli. Orange juice is another important source of calcium and so is soymilk, both of which are included in the list of Vegan foods.

– The whole grain foods in vegan diet give the body B vitamins, zinc and fiber along with carbs. The food items at the top of this category include pasta, rice, bread, barley and corn along with tortillas and oats.

– Among foods, the best are the citrus fruits as well as apples and bananas and berries, items that are sources of fiber and vitamin C for the body.

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