Vegan Cake Baking

Why allow professional cake decorators to have all the fun? Anyone can learn how to decorate a cake and with practice learn to decorate a cake that rivals that of professionals, even learn the use of cake decorating roses. No matter for what occasion, you can decorate your cake to fit it. A hand decorated cake makes such an impact and is instantly more personal and heart-felt than a cake you simply purchased. Also the real fun is personalizing a cake and making it your own, being creative and seeing what you can create.

The first cake I baked and decorated myself was for Valentine’s Day. Normally I would have decided on a few gifts and of course some candy. However, my wife and I are vegan. We can no longer simply buy candy and baked goods in celebration of this holiday because we can no longer eat it. This left me with the option of not gifting anything edible or creating it myself. I decided to bake my wife a Valentine’s Day themed cake.

I have learned to become a pretty good cook and baker since going vegan because with many food items if we do not make it ourselves we simply cannot have it. So of course I have been trying out cake recipes till I found one that would triumph over non-vegan cakes on any taste contest. With this recipe in my arsenal, I decided to bake and decorate a Valentine’s Day themed cake for my wife using cake decorating roses.

I wanted to do something special and unique. I decided on a two layered cake with pink and red frosting swirled in between the two layers, pink frosting as the color for exterior, and then decorate with cake decorating flowers and the words “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I also decided to add cupid figurines to the cake also. She loved the cake, more so than any other gift I gave to her. She couldn’t believe I had made it and that I had taken the time to bake and decorate a cake for her. She can’t wait till her birthday now.

No matter what you decide to create and what it ends up looking like, decorating your own cake is fun.  Have fun with it and be creative.

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