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Most people think that a 26.2-mile marathon distance run is the longest. In fact, ultratunning, whose distance up to 50 km, 50 miles and 100km, is very known. In this athletics, 100-mile is the longest distance. In some people’s thoughts, vegetarians can not be true athletes, and participated in so cruel as ultrarunning. As a vegetarian and ultrarunning player, I definitely know this is wrong. In fact, what makes me a better athlete is just vegetarian diet.

Since the college life to participate in cross-country running, I have tried a variety of training programs to increase the distance to be able to participate in the marathon, but every time I have failed. In 1996, things have a turning point that my uncle, a former Navy and nearly three decades of vegetarian, inspired me to become a vegetarian. Six months later I completed my first marathon.

Ordinarily, I am a common vegetarian, but I would become a strict vegetarian during my intense exercise time. Complex carbohydrates could be found in fruits, vegetables, cereals, pasta and many other foods, and these foods are high intake of vegetarians. Fat is good source of energy, but when together with protein (mixed in meat), common Americans take in fat far more than basic needs. Vegetarian can help you control the fat intake, but not excessive.

In ultrarunning race or extended training, the training time is usually 3 to 12 hours, in order to replenish my energy quickly, I sometimes eat energy bars. However, I don’t advocate it as part of our daily food. Although most energy bars are vegetarian, we still should check the label to determine if they are real. I strongly recommend you to use energy bars in training before race. Meanwhile, what the most important thing is to keep the body hydrated.

Your health, physical strength,energy will be strengthened if you are a vegetarian or vegan. In addition, I believe that physical and mental accomplishment needed in adhering to a vegetarian lifestyle is very similar to what is needed in long-distance training.

Conducting a physical examination before any new health plan is advisable. You can try a combination of walking and running methods depending on your background of different health and exercise. Despite that it takes extra time, it can do good to the effect of training gradually and prevent injuries. As running is becoming more and more popular, there are often products boasted of quick effect and singular function surrounding runners. Vegetarianism is very beneficial to a good attitude and diet which can make you run the farthest.

I find that being a vegetarian or a professional athlete does not need much time or energy, which is opposite to many people’s thought.
Although I’m just an ordinary person, extreme sports makes me believe that vegetarian lifestyle allow common people accomplish extraordinary things. In the condition that you keep good food habits and right lifestyle, I think you certainly will be a better athletic and enjoy happy performance.

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