Top 10 traditional German vegetarian dishes

Top 10 traditional German vegetarian dishes To learn more about Germany’s vegetarian traditions, delve into our interview with Stevan Paul. But feel free to just let your mouth water over these delicious veggie recipes: 1. Spargelcremesuppe (Cream of asparagus soup) – Not for nothing is …

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7 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day What will you be doing to celebrate the day? Here are 7 suggestions for making it meaningful. 1) Pledge to go meat-free for the month of October. NAVS suggests not only skipping beef and pork, but fish and fowl as well. Need help finding veggie recipes?


A WORD ON FOOD: Tempeh Tempeh is a classic meat substitute used in many vegan and vegetarian diets because of its flexibility, health benefits and nutty flavor. Tempeh … Although most packaged tempeh is precooked, recipes typically suggest you cook the tempeh before using it.

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