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Similar to several other social media communities, Pinterest is a wonderful platform for indirect marketing purposes. This is a visual social bookmarking tool where members can “pin” images and videos, which they discover online to virtual pinboards.

Free and easy to use; Pinterest imparts variety of opportunities for your business to get in touch with the target audiences in creative ways. Although its policies do not favor direct sales content but an efficient social media marketing company can get innovative by using this media community to establish your brands and generate revenue.

Here are five innovative ways, which a social media marketing company can do for business success.

Custom product pinboards

You can fabricate custom product pinboards related to your business and indirectly market those products. For instance, a travel company can make pinboards with the images of recommended hotels of particular destinations or things to do at a popular vacation spot, outstanding resort pools, and more. A clothing retailer or fashion designer can design a pinboard displaying collection of shoes, clothing, accessories, and alike. This social media lends more than simply republishing an online catalog and pinboards offer custom combinations for specific purposes.

Audience related pinboards

Not just custom product pinboard but a social media marketing agency can create pinboards for different segments of your audiences. For example, online gift portal can create several pinboards on gift ideas for women, men or children. Experts are buzzed with several creative ideas that can make Pinterest highly beneficially platform for your business.

Conducting contests

Your business social media profile can be used for conducting contests in an innovative way. For example, professionals on your behalf may conduct a photo contest. The pictures will be of customers using your product, happily and creatively. This way your product will be promoted in more subtle way.

Researching market

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for conducting informal market research that aid business in designing better marketing programs. You can publish images of products and can ask users to share their thoughts about them. Besides,you could also ask users’ views on the ads and packaging concepts.

Educational and how-to video pinboards

Professional media marketing agency publishes how-to videos on YouTube or tutorials on your business blog. Pinterest is an ideal place to pin and share the useful content. The company will make a pinboard for all the helpful content to earn broader exposure for the business.

Hence, it is ideal to opt for good a social media marketing firm that can tap advantages of Pinterest to elevate your business, so that you can reap benefits.

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