Gluten Free Vegan Recipes – Learn About Living Gluten Free & Vegan

Gluten Free Vegan Recipes – Learn About Living Gluten Free & Vegan

Gluten free vegan recipes can be tasty if you open yourself up to trying as many combinations of your allowable foods as possible. Visit Here

Many vegetarians are used to eating glutens so when it becomes necessary to make a change to include the removal of the gluten products, choices do become more limited. Those who need to avoid the foods which contain glutens will have to stay well away from wheat of course and wheat bran. Other foodstuffs which are no longer allowed include oats, barley and rye. You will also need to be certain that you are using nothing that includes textured vegetable proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, malt or extenders and binders. These are hard to spell names which contain glutens, so leave them alone.

You may still enjoy pasta products as long as these are made with rice, corn or quinoa.

Noodles are okay on this diet also if you only use rice noodles. Tempeh is still allowed on this diet and while you may no longer enjoy the taste of bulgur wheat in your tabouleh, you can still use quinoa. Brown rice will offer you a satisfying and filling meal. Learn to enjoy grits instead of oatmeal and also experiment with using this product in many other dishes; it will even lend itself to a tasty stew. If wraps are a staple of your diet, you don’t have to give them up, but you do have to avoid the ones made from flour. Corn tortillas are found in almost any grocery store now.

When you mix a variety of these products into your gluten free vegan recipes and find creative ways to use them you will be able to make some good meals that offer great flavor combinations. You should remember to add plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits into your daily meals and take advantage of many of the rice products that are becoming available in grocery stores and health food markets.Visit Here

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